“Being a professional photographer is complicated: It requires creating beautiful and unique work, delivering above-and-beyond service, and remaining committed to quality. But an ever-growing part of our job is to make things less complicated, both for our own good and the good of our customers. Simplicity is the ticket.” —Tim Kelly

From the new born baby to the great-great grandparent, Rose Hendershot will provide you with the most heart touching portraits of your family. Rose Hendershot will bring the studio to your home or vacation spot for your family portraits in settings you enjoy.  

At Photographic Memory, we treasure your little ones. Time passes so quickly and we soon forget the carefree childhood years. Rose will offer seasonal specials and custom sessions so you can savor the memories of your child all through the growing up years.   Just one of our session ideas is a Tea Party.  Special outfits, feathery hats, fancy tea cups, finger snacks, a wicker table and chairs in the garden, teddy bears, dolls or several children and everyone will be relaxing and giggling. Wonderful childhood expressions are captured when we have these sessions with your children.  

Spring and Fall are special times for portraits of your children. Rose takes great care in setting up themed sets for these times of the year.  Valentine’s Day and 4th of July are also offered some years.  Rose will work with you if you have a theme in mind for your children as well.  Special prices are given for these seasonal sessions.  

Family birthday parties for the young or not so young are the perfect time for photographs to tell your family history.   Invite Rose to your party to capture the fun and games and the whole family portrait. With your party session, you will receive a book of the fun had by all. Extra copies of the book will be available so everyone can remember the fun.   Some other storybook ideas include: losing the first tooth, the first birthday, the first haircut, a trip to the zoo, a day at the beach, visiting grandmother, the new puppy, the new baby. These milestones are especially meaningful for parents serving in the military.  

A picture is worth a thousand words or so we are told. So to tell your story of love and hope, call Rose Hendershot today. Rose will help you tell your story in portraits to share with all those you hold dear.   Are you looking for a special gift or different way to display your favorite poses? From Art Strips, Books, Easel Squares, to Note Cards Rose Hendershot has options that you will simply love.

Glamour Girls

When you want a fun session with all your girl friends, Glamour Girls is just the right portrait session for you. Everyone in one portrait to remember the day and individual portraits for each of you. These can be done “party style” with gifts to the hostess and special prices for everyone. These are fun parties for the “deer hunters widows”, the young ladies just turning 13, a lady as she retires from her job and many more times in your life.  

Occasionally we need to take a break and just feed the birds.

  Feed the birds  

“Rose, The pictures arrived today and are wonderful!  Thanks so much for capturing our family!!” —Meg

One of Rose Hendershot’s passions is family portraits. Rose enjoys photographing people from new born (going to the hospital at the parents request) all the way to the great-grandparents who reside in nursing homes. New babies are often photographed in their home nursery with all the decorating you’ve done to prepare for your new arrival. You can also come to the studio for portraits of your baby and small children where Rose will have coordinated the background and props to show your children at their best.

Your family portraits are often taken at your home or cottage where your family memories come to life. Wherever the session is located, your portraits will be well done and treasured by everyone.  

From the newborn baby to the senior in a nursing home, Rose will give you her undivided attention.  Each person has value and dignity and Rose will do her best to make you feel good about who you are. 

Give Rose a call and she will help you preserve your family history in beautiful portraits, books, albums and gift items you will enjoy for many years to come.  

Artistic portraits as Wall Art only get better with time. Senior moms are often found looking into the eyes (in the portraits) of their children who have gone off to college. The family bond is not broken by the miles when even grandma has portraits of those who have grown and gone off on their own.  

While engagement portraits are often the first art to decorate the apartment or first home they are soon added to with wedding photos and the babies. Rose will help you choose the right frame and mat or canvas finish to show off your decor and personal style. The collection is just to about to begin and set the stage for a lifetime of family portrait memories.  


Heartfelt and artistic baby, family and children portraits to decorate your home and enjoy the bond you share. When you celebrate your milestones with parties, we will be there to capture the moments and design beautiful albums or books for you to keep and share.             

Things to consider when preparing for your session.
  1.  Keep in mind where your session will take place.
  • Outdoors or Studio
  • when outdoors – will the area be paved, muddy, rocky or grassy?
  • when in studio – do you want to be formal or casual?

2. Style

  • everyone in the group need to be the same style – formal, classy, casual
  • avoid large patterns or logos
  • colors don’t have to match but they do need to go together

3. Accessories

  • accessories to show personality – scarves, purses, shoes
  • use props to show what you enjoy doing – hobbies, sports, work
  • pets add to the family so add them to a few poses

4.  Hands and Feet – we often show your hands and feet in the portraits

  • clean and trim nails so they are ready if we show them
  • shoes in the same shade or use are best – all in sports shoes or all in casual shoes…
  • everyone could go barefoot

5.  Where will you display your portrait?

  • What color is your room where the portrait will be displayed?
  • Is the room formal or casual?
  • Will the portrait be framed or “float” off the wall?