Rose Hendershot, Master Photographer is your personal photographer for your whole life. Often your story line may begin mid-story when you are planning to get married, finding that right person to be the photographer for your engagement and to capture the day you have dreamed about your whole life.  In time, the story continues when you go from two to three or…   Having a photographer you know and trust helps you preserve the memories from that first special day to all the other special or milestone days in your lives.  We continue…  As your baby becomes a toddler and school age child we are there for portraits of them and of them with the grandparents too.  Your family and children’s portraits are a “must to remember” for all the stages as your family grows. We capture your birthday parties, anniversary parties and class reunion memories along the way.  When a child is almost ready to leave your home, we are there with senior pictures and graduation from high school and college.  When you are promoted at work, we take your professional portrait to make sure you look your very best.  And the circle of life continues when your children get married and start their families. We are respectful of your religious events to commemorate milestones and even funerals of your loved ones. It is nice to hear that our clients have enjoyed our professionalism and patience in every situation.

Time Line

Childhood – Rose Mary Burpee-Hendershot grew up on a small farm in rural Barry County, Michigan.  I learned a love for gardening through growing vegetables and flowers at home in Dowling.  My dad grew up on a farm himself and enjoyed working outdoors.  He shared his love for trying new vegetable varieties and unusual plants; being a “Burpee” meant that seeds and plants were in our “roots”.

My dad also had a love for animals and that was evidenced by all the different animals we had on our small farm.  We didn’t have many at one time since we only lived on two acres.  Over my growing up years we had – ducks, lambs, guineas, chickens, rabbits, goats, cows, steers, ponies, a horse, geese, pigs, dogs, and cats.  Learning to care for another being was a great learning opportunity with the all the animals. When our pony had a baby filly, I was the one who was given the task of training her which was challenging and quite enjoyable.  Mom was right there working with us even when we needed to chase pigs back to the barn yard before sending us off to school. 

Teens – I started photography with a small simple camera and the animals and plants at home.  I learned to take pieces of paper or other objects around the yard to make backgrounds for my flower subjects.  Soon I was taking photos of the animals and my sisters and friends around the yard and barns.  My love for photography had grown and began to get noticed.  I was involved in Barry County 4-H and fair entering projects in sewing, cooking, knitting, crochet, outdoor cooking, gardening, ceramics, leather craft, horse showmanship, art, photography, and junior leadership.  Dad helped with the gardening and outdoor projects while mom worked with us on the indoor projects.  Mom didn’t know how to do some of the things she wanted us to learn so we helped her learn right along with us.  Many of our projects were the starting point for projects she made for her own enjoyment.

On the personal side – I accepted Jesus as my own Savior in 1974.  I had grown up believing in God and trying to do good and be good.  I learned in 1974 that being good wasn’t enough.  I had to admit that I was a sinner and needed a savior.  I asked Jesus to save me.  Now I try to live my life serving Him and doing good for others.  “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32.

Adulthood – I got married and had two wonderful children.  Both of whom were often the subject of my photographs.  Now the portrait side of my interest really started to take shape.  Still entering projects at the Barry County Fair, many ribbons were given for projects in photography, sewing, knitting, baking, canning and arts.  In 1982 and 1989, I was given the honor of Homemaker of the Year representing Barry County at the Michigan State Fair.  I won 3rd place in a chili cooking contest in 1982 in Grand Rapids and an apple pie baking contest at Cotant’s Farm Market in 1989.  Teaching my children how to cook and sew has been an enjoyable and rewarding part of parenting.  My son, Larry, won a 1st award in sewing while I won a 2nd place in the same category.  My daughter, Tammy, won 1st place in the Cotant’s apple pie contest in 1990 while I won 2nd.  To have someone else receive a 1st place award leaving me 2nd is humbling especially when it is my own children.

The beginnings of professional photography – I was photographing off and on for various friends and events around Hastings when mom said that I needed to make it my work.  At the time, I was taking care of her as she was having medical difficulties.  She was persistent and soon I decided to follow her insistence in starting my business.  I filled out the paperwork to apply for my DBA and mom named the business Photographic Memory.  The paperwork was filed and accepted on December 17, 1997 and mom passed away on December 23, 1997. 

In January 1998, I entered the Business Management program at Kellogg Community College and graduated in May 2000 with highest honors.  I was inducted into the pi-theta-kappa in 1999 and lead the graduates into the auditorium for our graduation ceremony.  I also took business training classes from GROW (Grand Rapids Organization for Women) in Grand Rapids.  The class was intense and each student focused solely on their own business constructing a business plan by graduation.  My business plan was researched and completed in December 1998.  The business plan is the skeleton basis of the individual business and is a guide for reaching income and product goals. 

I took Leadership Barry County training in 2004. This has been a highlight of my business training.  Attention was given to our local area where we learned about government processes for our county and state.  I have always enjoyed Barry County and Hastings but now I can say it with more pride and knowledge of what we have to offer.  We have a lovely county with its hills, meadows, lakes and streams.  Our businesses are diverse and growing and so are our people.  What a wonderful place to call home.

I earned my Master of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America in 2012.  Leo and I went to New Orleans where I accepted my degree in person on stage with many of my colleagues.

This award was challenging to earn and even more challenging to live up to in my daily work.

Professional Photography Organizations

Professional Photographers of America – joined in 1999

Professional Photographers of Michigan – joined in 2000

Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association – joined in 2000 – was a Board member for many years and President 2008-2009

I attended GLIP (Great Lakes Institute of Photography) from 2000 to 2014. ( I haven’t been to GLIP since then because of taking care of my family.) I took classes in many areas of photography and business.

All of these provide education specific to the professional photographer for photography, business and art.   All of these provide mentors and others to help train more photographers since each person can give instruction and learn new techniques and processes.  The opportunities to try new things and compete are numerous.

I am happy to say that through print competitions I have been able to grow my ability as a professional photographer.  I have a page on this website dedicated to the photographs that I have used in competition and how they did.  (You may purchase these photographs or copies of them.)  Some were disappointing and others were outstanding.  The Loan Collection images are the top of the line.  The photographs accepted to the Loan Collection travel through many other countries on exhibit. It is a remarkable accomplishment to have images in this collection. 

An annual recognition coming out of print competition at the state level is to be accepted in the Michigan Top Ten Professional Photographers which I earned in 2006.  It is my goal to do that again.  Also coming from print competition is earning professional degrees.  In 2012, I earned the degree of Master Photographer!  What an accomplishment!  I went to our international convention held in New Orleans to accept my degree in person.  Walking the stage to receive the degree of Master of Photography has to be one of the high points in my career so far.

Displays – My photographs have been displayed around Barry County in many different places.  First Bank, Barry County Chamber of Commerce, The Walldorff Brewpub and Bistro, Thornapple Arts Council, Thornapple Arts Council Art Hops, Mercantile Bank, Charlton Park, Holiday Inn, Hastings Public Library, Jefferson Street Gallery and billboards all over the county.  Several Professional Photographers of Michigan had photographs on display (including me) at the Welcome Center in Clare for the month of March 2015.

On to the future –  My goals include:

  • Working toward furthering my education in the Professional Photographers of America and gaining degrees to show my competence in photographing for my clients. 
  • I am taking care of my youngest sister. I was able to take care of mom when she needed me the most and kept her at home where she was most comfortable.  I was able to do the same thing for dad also and he left us March 19, 2016.  I helped my brother-in-law Vern while he dealt with lung cancer by taking him to appointments, fixing meals, paying bills and giving him someone to talk to.  Vern left us February 25, 2016.  Caring for my family has taken a lot of juggling of schedules and appointments but worth every moment of being with them.
  • Continue to exhibit photographic art in our county and state.
  • Enjoy my grandsons and granddaughter!  Our granddaughter was born April 10, 2016 with a cleft pallet.  She had surgery at 10 months to correct this and is doing very well.
  • I strive to serve those around me with confidence and care.