Teaching & Judging

Rose Hendershot is available to judge your photo competition. Rose has much experience as a photographer entering print competition starting with her local county fair. She has entered many competitions in Michigan and across the U.S..

Rose offers individual classes to those who would like to know their camera better. These one-on-one times are structured so that the student learns all that they want without covering things they have already mastered.

Other classes are available in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and general computer use and editing of images.

Rose will work with you or a small group to achieve proficiency with your camera and editing software.

“Just a big ‘Thank You’ for judging our photography Dept. You do just a terrific job. Kim (clerk) was so excited to work with you and said she learned a lot!

Thanks for making our open class a success!”

– Sharon Nelson
July 2015