Rose Hendershot, Master Photographer photographs school children for the school records and family photo packages. Rose knows how difficult it can be to get the natural smile of a child in the annual school portrait. She is kind and patient with the children and tries to get the most natural expression possible. Rose allows parents to select from several poses to choose the one they like before ordering the enlargement package of their choice. Several packages are offered keeping in mind that everyone has different needs and budgets while still having the annual school portrait.

Composite prints of the class are available in the portrait package or as a single print. Other specialty items are also available such as key chains, magnets, ID Cards, photo buttons, bookmarks and many other items.

Some schools have special graduation or project completion ceremonies. These are excellent times for group photos to be taken. Rose has been invited by St. Rose of Lima School in Hastings to photograph several of their First Holy Communion celebrations as well as sixth grade graduation and Confirmation. A group photo and individual photos are taken and made available to the parents.

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