Family Events

Your business or family event will have Rose’s full attention. Rose Hendershot will do her best to be sure that the photos that you would like are captured for your enjoyment with little interruption at your event. Clients have mentioned more than once how patient and unobtrusive Rose is while photographing events. Give her a call and plan your event photography.

From birthday and anniversary parties that last only a few hours to all day events like those put on by a community group, Rose will be there to take the photos you will cherish long after your event. You will be able to purchase books or albums as well as individual prints from any of the photos taken.

Community Events

Non-profit groups have annual fund raiser events and thank you events for their volunteers. What a wonderful time to have Rose come and take photos of all your guests! The guests can purchase a photo from the event and Rose will make a contribution back to your group to help grow the funds even more.

Class Reunions

Class reunions are a special time for all those friends from high school. People gather for many small events and the main event of a special dinner. Rose Hendershot and her team will capture photos of all the parts of the reunion at no charge to the school or class committee. At the dinner or another time that you choose, Rose will take a formal photo of each classmate and their guest to be used in the Memory Book. Memory Books and prints are available for purchase by all those in attendance and even those who were not able to join in on the fun.

Military Memorial Events

Saying “good bye” to your family members is very difficult. Rose has been asked by many families to photograph the special services at the cemetery to honor military loved ones. Rose will be able to capture the military honors so you can remember how special the send off was.