We will work with you to highlight your business in many ways.  Use the portraits of you and your staff and board for on your website, in advertising, brochures and flyers, business cards, billboards and whatever other media you would like photographs for.

When you introduce your staff to potential clients through your website and printed media,  everyone feels more comfortable working with someone they have seen. Your website and printed media is often the first introduction. Put forth a good first impression.

Bring the Studio to your office.

Rose Hendershot will bring the “studio” to your office to keep your productivity up and photograph your staff before your business is open or over a lunch time. Your portraits can be with a traditional background or your business setting or some of each to give you variety. Finished portraits are ready quickly and sized for use on your website, in brochures, or print advertising.   As a Master Photographer, Rose will help you to look your best for the photographs with retouching and image enhancements. We will keep in mind that your portrait still needs to look like you when people meet you so we won’t over do it with the softening.

Your business is about more than just your staff. When you need a photo to show where you are or what your facilities have to offer, Photographic Memory is the right choice to take the photos.


Your website will often show your products and what you are able to do for your client.  With current photos of products, your clients get their first glimpse of what you offer. We have taken photos of large products (room size and larger) as well as the smaller items that you offer your customers.

Business cards are still the best way to meet someone and leave your contact information with them immediately. Rose will help you design your business card and appointment cards.

When your business celebrates a milestone or introduces something new, Rose Hendershot will come and take photos that will record your celebration. Those photos will then be useful to promote yourself and your employees involvement.

Campaign Photos

If you are running for a public office, Rose will help you look your best in your portraits to use in your campaign. Photos for posters, flyers, brochures, website and billboards are all places where you will need to have beautiful photographs. Rose will even go to several locations and get the “shaking hands” and “kissing baby” photos if that is what makes your campaign stand out.