Gerald Ford Comes Home Book

Gerald Ford Comes Home is a pictorial tribute to Grand Rapids as they welcome home for the last time their President of The United States.  A city in mourning – lines of people wait to sign the guest books and walk past the casket of Gerald R Ford.  Ford grew up in Michigan and worked and served Michigan people before going to Washington DC to serve as President of the United States.

Grand Rapids had the honor that few cities in the nation have had: burying a President.  Rose Hendershot used her camera lens to capture the events — but beyond that the pride, the emotion, the love of a people — of Gerald R. Ford’s final return home.  Ms. Hendershot has given us and the generations that will follow a gift of inestimable value.

– George K. Heartwell (Grand Rapids Mayor)


This is one of the best renditions of Gerald R. Ford’s life I have seen. The pictures of the scouts, leaders, service men and women, and ordinary citizens who lined the streets is a testimony of life to a great man who touched the lives and hearts of Americans of all ages. With her wonderful photography, Rose caught the essence of the final mourning and honoring of a great man from Michigan.

– Mayor Robert L May (Hastings Mayor)

Gerald Ford Comes Home shows the emotion of the people of Grand Rapids as they say their final “good-bye” to their beloved President.  The Gerald R Ford Museum was one of the key places to visit during the funeral days.