Gun Lake Winterfest 2020

This is an annual event held at Yankee Springs State Park in February.

This is the Opening Ceremony by Match-E-Be-Nash-She Wish Bank of Pottawatomi Indians.  The Raising of the Flag by The Forgotten Eagles took place right after the band.

Gun Lake Idol semi-finals and Crowning

These are some of the vendors who attended.

Chicken Drop.  This wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be.  Tickets are sold and the person holding the ticket whose number matches the square on which the chicken poops is the winner.  Interesting.  This game was played several times during the day.

Birdie Blizzard Disc Golf.  I enjoyed watching the game played.  The discs thrown were quite easy to see in the snow.  These men throw with surprising accuracy in the windy conditions.

Brew Tent – beer vendors from several local companies shared their brews.

Kids Crafts and Games.  The children were given the opportunity to express themselves with winter crafts.  Some teens were outside playing Jenga with pieces of 2×4’s.  They were actually very good at balancing the tower.

Bean Bag Tournament; it came down to these two teams.  Good luck guys!

Polar Dip.  This is probably the highlight of Winterfest.  Local fire departments cut a hole in the ice covering Gun Lake.  Then hearty Michganders (or Michigander want-to-be’s) put on their favorite swim wear and jump into the lake – in FEBRUARY!