Gower, a Kalamazoo native only one month away from completing his 15-month deployment, suffered gruesome injuries, especially to his legs and feet.

More than a decade later and now a father, Gower, 35, expects to get some of his independence back.

A new home with specially designed features is being built in Middleville, about 25 miles southeast of Grand Rapids. The home for Gower and his family is being built through Homes For Our Troops, a nonprofit organization that builds homes for veterans with disabilities to accommodate their needs.

The home is designed to be fully handicap accessible. Gower’s current home features narrow hallways requiring him to discard his wheelchair and crawl to certain rooms.

The Gower family is tentatively scheduled to move into the new home in the spring. Gower called the specially designed home a blessing.

“It will help give me a little bit of that dignity back … not needing to be so reliant on others, especially my wife,” Gower said. “I’ll be able to move around the house with no problem, go to the bathroom, cook dinner, take a shower because the shower is a roll-in shower.

“It’s just going to be life changing.”

The “key” ceremony was held July 13 for the Gower family.  The home is now there own and they can move forward with their life and family.  Congratulations Gower family!  These are photos from the “key” ceremony.  I wasn’t able to stay for the entire ceremony but this is their escort to their new home.