The Tyden Park Ice Rink is open officially.

Tyden Park Ice Rink

young players at Tyden Park Ice Rink

This is the first year for the rink and plans are being made to have it again next year. Today some local dignitaries and kids of all ages came to the park to skate on the ice.

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Hollenbecks were there with the hot dogs, the Hastings fire pit was toasty warm and there was hot chocolate and fun for everyone.

Mayor Frank Campbell was there to officially welcome skaters to the new ice skating rink at Tyden Park today. Mike Callton came by to enjoy a hot dog from Hollenbecks Hot Dogs. Bill Redman and John Resseguie Sr. were there (as were several others) from 11 to 3 for the entire event. Ace Hardware brought skates for people to use for today. Many local community leaders have been involved in providing the skating rink for the residents of Hastings and Barry County. They are making plans for the ice rink next year and in the years to come to make it even better. This year was just to see if there really was an interest in the community to have the ice skating available.

Small children learning to skate and other kids who were playing ice hockey were among those who came out to enjoy the day on the ice. Every time I drive past the park, there are people enjoying the ice. Come to Tyden Park and enjoy the ice even if you don’t skate. There are benches and bleachers there to sit while you watch everyone skate.