New Orleans

Nestle Company rabbit

I think we passed the Nestle company tonight

We are on our way to New Orleans. Things are going well. We are South of Indianpolis for the night.

These are from our second day. We drove through Kentucky and Tennessee on our way to John and Marsha’s house. We did stop and take the self guided tour of Abraham Lincoln’s birth place. It was an interesting place to stop. Lots of history at this point and much more in the area. Maybe on the way back we can stop and see a bit more. Leo being a “retired” over the road truck driver, it is difficult to stop so a lot of the photos are taken as we drive.
Today we went to church with John and Marsha. They go to a cowboy church. It was very good preaching in an unusual place; the Lawrence County stock barn. I have a bit of video from there but no still photos.

Today’s travels took us through Mississippi. We stopped at several Civil War battle fields. It was interesting to read about the history that took place here. The losses were devistating. We also stopped and saw the birthplace of Elivs. That stop was mostly looking to cash in on the love for Elvis. Tomorrow we will continue to New Orleans. Not sure what we will spot along the way. Stay tuned.

Today we stopped at a Confederate cemetery in Mississippi. It was interesting to see the really old headstones. Some of the families still are using the cemetery for the more recent burials. The old markers went back before the Civil War. The Confederate section of the cemetery were mostly unidentified soldiers. We also stopped at an old mill in Mississippi. It was used during the Civil War to make clothes, hats, and other things for the soldiers. The mill apprentice learned how to make hats and went on his own after the war to make hats we now know as Stetsons.

Today we rode the Street Cars all over the city. We stopped at many places including the cemeteries. It was a trip well worth the time. I think we might do a city tour in the next few days to find out the history of what we saw today.

We went to the Honey Island Swamp today. It was really cold for a fast boat ride but when we stopped to watch the wildlife, it wasn’t too bad even the turtles were out to sun themselves on fallen trees. We could still see where Huricane Katrina did damage to the area. We were able to hold a baby alligator and see a blue heron and lots of Spanish Moss. Our tour guide gave lots of information about the area and the people. Great tour!

Leo & Rose in New Orleans

Leo and Rose in New Orleans

I have been without internet for a few days so these photos are from Friday through today. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have the last few days. Who would have thought that the most expensive hotel to stay at would charge for internet when the reasonably priced ones along the way have been included in the room rate??? We toured New Orleans from Wednesday to Friday and then were involved with the Professional Photographers of America convention and degree ceremony from Saturday to Tuesday. Yes, I have officially recieved my Master of Photography degree!!! It was an amazing day! So many wonderful photographers. Leo and I went to the area where the carriages take passengers for our photo session all dressed up for the degree ceremony. The plan was to take a ride but we didn’t have the time. It was a lovely area and we had a great time. Today, we turned the car back north and have started the journey home.

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